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March 16, 2012

[ of angels of rain ]

sitting in the gray fog from the window.
she crosses her arms and holds her shoulders.
hanging on her clavicles.
she wonders if the sing song rhyme is true..

what if the raindrops are really the angels crying?

it makes sense. maybe she has a child’s perspective of all things extraterrestrial, but she believes the angels above, the God she wonders about, all the lost loved ones… she believes they can see us from heaven. She believes they swim thru clouds for fun and press loving foreheads with the lions.  she believes they come down here every once in awhile and kiss our tear soaked cheeks, come from behind us and wrap their holy ghost arms around us, tuck us in one last time….  

and maybe its only becuase shes human and knows nothing else, but she believes they have sad days too. days when they just can’t take the sadness of earth below them. and they weep. because maybe they see how sad we are and how much we just want to see them. the angels. our loved ones. maybe they arent sad tears, but knowing tears. like when baby falls and you cry sad knowing tears because you know hes okay, but you just cant take the pain of seeing him hurt. maybe this is the rain that falls. knowing tears of a more beautiful life awaiting.

He maybe built this place with His own hands, but He moved out a long time ago. 

there is nothing left on earth as it is in heaven…





September 30, 2011

“arms, take your last embrace…”

I flipped thru the archives of my soul like a dusted book from my childhood and I held onto to the smiled that splintered my face.

Then beauty began to resinate thru my bones and every one thing I laid my eyes on, let my ears hear, became something universal.

Something I could breathe in and swallow.

I let words I read move me. 

I let beauty fall into my eyes and I drenched them in water of depth and appreciation.

I heard voices sing.

I read poems giant authors scribbled.

I clasped these lashes and saw a world made of clouds. of a boulevard made of gold. of faces full of peace and mercy. of happiness.

pure happiness.

I stretched out these new arms and tried grabbing onto everything I felt. of the colors He saved for His world. of the love…

the love I still dont quite understand. of the love I know I will only understand until I get there. and then probably still wont.

just wont understand. how. or why. how He could love this. this world of weary flesh.

How I just want to be there. and take everyone with me. I cant wait to just step thru the gates like a lost child.

I cant wait to hold up the line and just let it all sink in. to  close my eyes and whisper, “I’m Home….”

I cant wait to watch my little one run past me. to watch Him bend to His knees and scoop my little one up.

Maybe then the drums will thunder. the harps will vibrate. the chorus full of every voice will belt songs with every amount of volume they can put forth.

This will be the most perfect moment. This will make me cry. and I will cry.

and He will walk up to me. Take His perfect and everso green thumb and push the tears away.

Maybe He’ll wink at me. Maybe He’ll tell me, “I told you so. My silly little girl…” Maybe I’ll laugh. nervously.

I already know the first thing I’ll say to Him. If I can speak. He’ll probably beat me to it, but hopfully, I can tell Him first that…

“I always loved you. Always.”  and then nervously pour into, ” I know I never acted like it, that I wrecked this skin you put me in, that I ruined every chance you ever gave me, that my faith is the weakest thing about me, but I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…

I love you. I do.”  

Maybe, I’ll beat Him to it. But something tells me that once His eyes meet mine, I’ll be forever gone. I’ll literally run into Him. 

Forever falling into His arms and crying so hard it breaks the new body He just gave me right in half.

Something just tells me….

I know this will happen.

I already feel it happening down here.

October 6, 2010

[ can i quit now? ]

i need you.
wanna meet at applebees?


September 11, 2010

my Italian chicken concoction. y u m.


You will need:
2 boneless chicken breast
garlic powder
onion powder
salt and pepper
1/2 cup of sliced yellow onion
1/2 cup of sliced cherubs
mozzerella cheese (as much as desired)
Italian dressing (as much as desired)
Gabrielle’s unbelieveable Italian Chicken Concoction.
1. defrost boneless chicken breast thoroughly.
2. preheat oven to 350 degrees.
3. grease pan with a bit of pam.
4. place defrosted chicken in pan.
5. sprinkle garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper on chicken.
5. make little cuts in chicken.
6. place slices of cut yellow onion in cuts of chicken and toss in the rest of the 1/2 cup.
7. toss 1/2 cup of sliced cherubs on the chicken.
8. sprinkle chicken with some basil.
9. cover chicken in mozzerella cheese.
10. drench chicken in Italian salad dressing.
11. bake for 35 minutes.
12. admire.
I’m telling you… unbelieveable. I would post a photo of this miraculous wonder, but I have since lost my camera battery charger, therefore; dead camera and hence, no mouth-watering photo.
My sincere appologies.