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December 29, 2013

On Honesty.

There is no difference.
Lies are tricky. Little ones, big ones, ones you just spit out to get someone off your back, or to avoid an in depth conversation.
Maybe you’re a hider. Maybe you like to hide things in fear of opposing opinion, so you say little lies to inquiring eyes. You mean nothing of it, you mean no hurt, you mean no sting, but its still there, it’s been found, seen, its been taken in by the wrong eyes. Not the inquiring, greedy ones, but the loving ones. The loving eyes who look at you as home. As refuge. The loving eyes who look at you with more love than they actually have to give, but they still give all they have to show you they do.. they do, they do, they do love you. 

Lies, neither catastrophic or petty, or easy to wipe away from loving eyes.