Rabbit and Fox: A Love Story.

“Good job trapping me in this hole.”
Said Rabbit to Fox.
“But ye cannot trap my soul. Rip back my fur-lined skin, let my blood run thin. I cannot bound further, I accept, I will make thine belly thicker, but before my death, might I ask of thee this one request?”

Drooling from her fangs, shanking from hunger’s pangs, fox steps back, stunned by food’s brave attack.

Then haunched rabbit, murmming his soft plea…
“Make it quick, I beg of thee. I am old and I’ve survived many colds. I’ve fought your father, but alas, I have not the strength to fight his daughter. You see my tears are swelling, tis true, I’m scared of this deathly passing. My flesh is yours to feast, this heart? it shall no longer beat, but be ye gentle? Be ye humble? Enjoy me, I can hear thine stomach grumble. And After ye have licked thine lips and lapped my blood, take notice of how high my soul has sprung. The snow is deep, but my soul is deeper. The air is frigid, but it is not my soul’s keeper. Your fangs might sear, but my soul is far from near. It is far, far from here. This soul of mine will be hard to find, but truthfully I pray to thee, I hope ye are not blind.  I pray ye find rest from this snow’s wretched quest. I do not mind being thine, but pray, find that soul of mine. It knows warmth and peace I cannot preach. It knows the colors of unseen flowers, but most importantly,  it knows all of Heaven’s powers. My body shows of no knowledge, but that soul of mine, it knows all hope and love divine. I pray ye are not blind, find that soul of mine.”

With failed restraint, Fox begins to quake. Her gaze shifts. Breaks. Tears take over her hungry face. Her fur beneath her eyes are flooded by all of love’s suprising triumph. Her lips uncurl and her heart unfurls and what comes forth, changes the world…

“Rabbit, your soul is everything I seek. Might I find it without death’s peak? With your prayer, my hunger I can bear. It is my soul I’m needing to feed, and if thine words be true, it is all my belly needs. But I cannot move ye to death, instead keep thy breath. Might I find another way of finding thy soul’s escape?”

“I wish it differently, tis true, but my love runs deeper thru and thru. Feed thee me and blessed be, your soul’s salvation set free.”

With tears in both their eyes, now blinded by pure love’s disguise. No longer doth it matter who they are, for pure love is no longer far. With a gentle snap of rabbit’s neck and with humble scarifice served, both Rabbit and Fox are bound together by love’s strongest nerve. And because of Rabbit’s ultimate giving, Fox now feels his grace unheeding. She spilt his blood, she lay in the flood. Her wailing heard, Rabbit’s soul undisturbed. Her guilt rocks her to sleep, but his soul she will always keep.


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