you smell like cedar.

you taste like a thousand breaths I cant seem to take.

you’re familiar. warm.
I know you.

we lay here. you and I.
you on your side, holding your head up with your hand.
me, on my back, as close to you as I can be.
my head turned into you chest.

your leg laying between mine. my feet touching yours.
you push my hair behind my ear and expose my skin.
trace your finger the length of my clavicle.
your eyes are soft and deep.

your heartbeat resinates thru my veins.

quiet. easy.

“shh.” and you push the forming crease on my chin smooth with your thumb.
I bury my face in deeper to your chest.
“shh.” and you push the tear back from my eye. nose. lips.

I wrap my arm around your torso and pull myself into you.
my nose and lips under your chin. resting on you neck.
the smell of you.
you lay your head down and push your arm beneath my head.
your other arm holds me. swallows me.

we lay, facing each other’s soul.
knotted. your skin on mine.
if rooms can breath emotion… then this place is whole.

I will never need air, as long as I can beathe you.


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