I have ridiculous dreams of running on all fours.
Of chasing something thru a thick wood, but not ever seeing what is running for it’s life.
I feel the drool drain down my neck as the wind rips thru my hair.
I feel the current in my veins surge thru my rapid rampant heart.
I can taste it. I can smell it. I can feel it in my human mouth.
One of these nights, I will catch it. Whatever it is.

I walk up trees and eat the moths that flap around me.
I feel the evil crawl around on my skin. 
I laugh with a growl. I’m good at this…. Making you fear me. 
I can do anything here. I can eat you if I wanted to. 
Where this wood is, I am Bandersnatch.

In this part of my head, I hate getting lost.





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