What I Ate.


{ zuke – may – tow- egg }

I amaze myself.

I’m not bragging…

I genuinely amaze myself.

I am GOOD at cooking.

{ I’m sure real chefs might think differently *ahem* }

I was never taught how to cook and I rebel against all things “recipe.”

I just summon the kitchen and it obeys.

Today, I wanted something filling, but light and easy on the tummy.
{ I’ve been feeling slightly unmotivated with a loss of apetite due to my son not going to bed til 9 pm,
waking 5-6 times during the night,
and merrily screaming his “Goodmorning Sunshine” song at FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE AM.
needless to say, I’m a little out of it. }

If youre having nights like this with your wee ones..

I implore you…

Make the Zukmatoegg:

  1. cut hole in pumpernickel bread.
  2. butter a frying pan.
  3. slap bread on pan.
  4. crack egg in the hole of miss pumpernickel.
  5. with/out breaking yoke, flip egg and bread when reaches desired temp.
  6. let sizzle for a smelly sec.
  7. flip back over and immediately place desired cheese atop.
  8. melt.
  9. place tomatoes and spinkle with S&P and basil.
  10. flip again. just long enough to hear the tomatoes scream for mercy.
  11. I like it tomato up so flip again and remove from heat.
  12. cut your zucchini into thin strips and throw it in the pan with some butter.
  13. let sizzle until desired temp.
  14. pile ontop of tomato.
  15. and VIOLA! the ZUKMATOEGG!

or Zukanater…
or Zooknuker…
or Eggzukto…

or what have you.

But it is down right amazing.



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