Its Wednesday….

I’m a day late for my post.
For my Just Write post.
I’m typically a day late for everything.
House cleaning.

Its bad.
Its funny bad.

I sit in a heaping pile of baby toys.
The simple kind made for babes just learning to crawl.
He is beautful. My son.
I sit here in the middle of the living room floor becuase its more comfortable
than the 200 dollar desk I bought just for my laptop and all its uses.
The house is so quiet after babe goes to sleep.
So deeply quiet. Its a little unnerving to be honest.
I can’t even remember what it was like before my babe.
I’ve become so accustom to the hustle and bustle of baby tending that I almost
dislike the down time. The down time I can’t wait to seize when I’m hustling and bustling…

Life here in this corner house on Grant Ct is simple.
Not to demanding.
Homemade and comfy.

A fact for today:
I want 7 seven children.
I saw a woman today with 7 children.
All raven haired beauties with their mother’s eyes.
And she was the epitome of “put together.”
With SEVEN little duckies all in a row.
I want to be her.



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