pandora’s box…


i try to keep it locked.

i try to hush the evils inside.

i use coping methods to forcibly reduce my memories to white.

to empty.

like snow.

white.. cold.. empty snow.

i feel the love in my bones drain. I feel my bones crack and peel away like dead bark on trees.

i feel my lungs deplete air as if my mouth were screaming.

i close my eyes and let them fall.

let them soak back into my pores.

i feel my heart slowly give up.

the cello and violin play.

i can only hold the lid shut for so long until my muscles give way.

my box falls open and the memories escape.

they laugh at me.

taunt me.

bite me.

flapping their wings around my head, entangling themsleves in my hair.

these painful.. painful memories.

im only ever strong enough to last just a little longer than the last time. i have yet to find a lock strong enough to keep Pandora’s ….Gabrielle’s box locked forever.

come home Gregory… i need you now.

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