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November 14, 2010

despite the vomitting, God isnt that bad…

>the toilet hates me….

From 7pm to 2am I listened to my next door neighbors throw their party.

-I wish I was exaggerating about the time and I really wish I was lying about going to bed at 7pm, but I’m not-

I can’t sleep when the stars and planets are perfectly aligned, the temperature is leveled exactly to my needs, an angel is singing to me, and/or I’m just flat out exhausted. Infact, I dont even think I can sleep when I’m actually sleeping.


Because I’m 12 years pregnant.

So I laid in bed with a pillow over my head repeating every word I could without making God angry with me. I listened to otherwise pretty girls turn ugly, I listened to otherwise respectable men turn into douchbags, what really pissed me off was listening to their neglected children (due to drunkeness) scream for “mommy.”

-no joke.

I laid there. for SEVEN HOURS. trying to sleep thru their music, their cussing, their sleepless irritated children, their throwing up… it literally wasnt going to end. I wanted to just call the MPs and have them come take care of it, but I dont know the number and I don’t think 911 is the same thing.

so. at 2 o’clock in the morning, I rolled out of bed, slipped on a jacket and slippers, and faced them.

I’m gonna be sick….

I open my front door and I LITERALLY LITERALLY find 8 people all huddled around a beer pong table out on the sidewalk OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR.

I just looked at them. They all got quiet and stared at me.

“It is 2 o’clock in the morning, I can’t sleep as it is… can you please take it inside?” One of the girls turned around and proceeded to cuss me out…

then it all happened… I started crying.

I ran (as much as I could) back inside and locked the door, wobbled up the stairs, and threw up. I think I found my heart floating in the toilet too. just saying.

-BUT! despite being so nervous out of my mind, despite actually getting up the guts after seven hours to ask them to be a little more quiet, despite the out-of-no-where tears, despite losing my stomach, despite it all…. They all cleaned up and went home.


When I heard them start their cars and drive off, I closed my eyes and heard Him say, “You know G, sometimes you just have to ask.”