-tonight’s 9pm dinner-


Tonight’s dinner was THAT good.
I was sitting on the couch being sucked into my usual FB routine of nonsense when It dawn on me… I was hungry. As soon as the thought occured I knew exactly what I HAD to have… something cheesy, chickeny, creamy, and ricey. It was an immediate crisis. So I dug around the fridge to see what kind of veggies I could put in it. Knew thing: VEGETABLES. LOVE them. I found the following:
red bell pepper
& carrots (not so fresh… I had to do some serious weeding)
I then grabbed my chicken from the freezer and threw it in the sink to defrost. While it was defrosting, I chopped all the veggies, and boiled some rice and the carrots. (btw-butter is essential to boiling) When the chicken was defrosted, I cut it into bit sized pieces and tossed it in a pan with the cherubs, some minced garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, curry, salt&pepper, and basil.

In the pot with the rice, I stirred in some mushroom alfredo sauce and the rest of the vegetables. (the carrots, chives, brocolli, and red bell pepper.)
When the chicken and cherubs were done suateing, I tossed it in with the rice and veggies, grabbed a handful of chedder cheese, and mixed until melted.
It was EXACTLY what I was hoping it would be: perfection.

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